Raster Builders was founded in 1991 to develop imaging products in parallel with Canon USA’s emerging still video imaging technology.  In addition to products bundled with the Canon equipment, Raster Builders developed several specialized imaging applications, among them a Dental Imaging System originally released under the trade name InfoSource.


InfoSource was licensed to SciCan Inc. in 1995 and released under the name ImageFX. ImageFX continued to grow in industry support and capability until 2006.


The product was re-released in 2006 under the name PatientGallery® as a collaborative effort between Raster Builders and CompuDent Systems Inc. which provided technical support for ImageFX.


PatientGallery is still backward compatible with databases generated by InfoSource and ImageFX.


Major changes to the product include:

  • PatientGallery received FDA approval as a Class II PACS device. The 510(K) application was reviewed by Underwriters Laboratories, Inc (UL).
  • Patent rights were negotiated to incorporate x-ray mounts or templates.
  • A new high resolution Smile Library was included with the Designer Module.
  • Many new x-ray and intra-oral camera devices were added.
  • A formal support structure was put in place to provide 800 telephone service,  software upgrades and web-based training.
  • A simple upgrade path was created for existing ImageFX installations.